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Dietary Agar: soluble fiber

Agar-agar is a polysaccharide obtained from marine seaweed of the class Rhodophyceae, by an extraction  process that results  in a fine and homogeneous powder.

Dietary agar is rich in soluble fiber (85%) and minerals (calcium, magnesium and iron), so it helps regulating intestinal flow, controlling cholesterol and sugar levels and preventing overweight. Due to its capacity of absorbing water, it is used in cookery to thicken and to jellify dishes, sweet of savoury, without adding any flavour.

Diet Agar


  1. 100% vegetal
  2. No calories
  3. It does not add any odour or flavour
  4. Rich in soluble fiber and minerals
  5. Satiating action: it helps preventing overweight    
  6. It helps reducing cholesterol absorption
  7. It helps regulating intestinal flow


  • Food Supplement
  • Cooking